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Moving Forward with Professional Learning

In order to accomplish my Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), I need campus involvement from all teachers and administration. In my Innovation Plan, I outline my idea to make my school a blended learning and project based campus through the use of a station rotation model. To do this, I first need my fellow teachers on board which is where the alternative PL comes in. The following on this page will outline timeline, what is to be learned, why, how, and will serve as a resource to my fellow teachers during the yearlong professional learning.

It is important to keep in mind the audience and their voice. Since I work at such a small school the voice of each teacher is always noted and heard. One thing I love about my school is the emphasis on team work and an Ohana style of work. This means that we are always heard and our voice always matters. This principle will not change with this specific PL. Our teachers are empowered to speak their voice and contribute ideas. Collaboration comes naturally to us because it is already so engrained in the fabric of our school. Modeling will come from myself and showing off the successes of my students with a blended learning station rotation model. A more in depth explanation about modeling can be read in the alternative professional learning outline.

Audience Needs

The audience will need support from administration and the project leader (myself). Access to resources will be necessary for the success of blended learning to take root at our school. Time and patience is also a critical part of their needs and is taken into consideration

Alternative Professional Learning Outline

The following is an outline to implement blended learning into all courses at Kuleana Education. The goal with a blended learning station rotation model is to be able to meet every child where they are academically. By incorperating different programs, students will be able to take charge of their learning and have fun while they do so.

The plan below will likely change over time as things grow and change. This is a tentative outline of what is expected as blended learning becomes an integral part of curriculum at Kuleana Education.

Alternative Professional Learning Outline

Potential Timeline

I have created a design for a professional learning for teachers at my school to adopt a more progressive and effective way of teaching through blended learning station rotation model. The PL will not be as typical learnings have been in the past where you sit for hours on end. The goal is for this PL to be more effective and interesting. Read more on how this goal will be accomplished by visiting the link above or by clicking here.

Beginning first with the BHAG

Course Goal: BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Learners will integrate a blended learning, station rotation model into their classroom curriculum. 

Learning GoalsLearning ActivitiesAssessment Activities
Learners will examine,  analyze and apply  characteristics of an authentic learning environment. 
Learners will discover how blended learning can positively impact a student’s voice and learning. 
Learners will be exposed to online resources that can be used to implement blended learning. 
-Discuss what is already known
-Watch Monique Markoff at TEDxIthacaCollege
– Discuss new ideas and new perceptions
Discussion and participation. 
Learners will evaluate current learning environments and establish the realistic goals for change.
Learners will create their own timeline and goals for their classroom based on subject and age.
– Discussion
– Show example of realistic timeline
– Teachers are given time to reflect on how blended learning will impact their class
– Learners are given template to develop their own timeline specific to their classroom.
– Finished timeline (draft)
– Teacher engagement
– Discussion
Integration Stage 
Learners will plan and design one unit based around blended-learning for the fall trimester. This plan will emphasize student responsibility and give them a chance to take ownership of their learning.
– Choose a unit that is suitable for an introduction to blended learning
– Begin a draft outline on how to use blended learning in that unit
– Identify online resources that will be useful
– Finished draft outline
– Reasonable amount of sources identified for unit effectiveness
– Teacher engagement and discussion
Human Dimensions/Caring
Learners reflect on how implementing blended learning into the classroom has changed classroom culture, promoted the growth mindset, and encouraged confidence. 
Learners will collaborate to solve problems and share effective resources and tools. 
– Discussion based
– Teachers give feedback and offer solutions
– Teachers are able to solve their problems and help others
– Teacher engagement and discussion
– Self reflection survey
Learning How to Learn
Teachers will engage in independent research of new resources and data to help implement a blended learning style into their classroom.
Learners will use information given to them and their own research to implement blended learning fully into their curriculum.
– Time offered for teachers to build their own knowledge
– Self- lead research and integration 
– Measured through teacher engagement and implementation of blended learning
– Teachers use blended learning in their classroom once in the first trimester (at least), and increasingly thereafter. 
Guide to Blended Learning Professional Development

I first began this journey with a simple idea. Even though I was warned and thought that my goal was a reasonable one, incorporate blended learning into school wide curriculum, it has quickly turned into a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I am still 100% behind my goal but it has taken some more planning and meticulous work than I had thought. You can read about my plans and Understanding by Design at the following link.

Understanding By Design


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