Influencer Strategy

In order to effectively create organizational change, a person needs to implement 6 tools of influence that appeal to first the heart, mindset, and head. These Six Sources of Influence are personal motivation and ability, social motivation and ability, and structural motivation and ability. The personal aspect will influence the individual. Social will influence how others perceive the decisions made by the individual. Structural will influence the role of non-human factors like technology, space, and compensation systemsBy incorporating all of these strategies, the influencer is 10x more impactful in their desire to change the organization (Grenny, Maxfield, & Shimberg, 2013). As an influencer, I will use these techniques to implement a blended learning station rotation model into my school’s curriculum.


I plan to implement a blended learning station rotation model, which will allow my blended grade classes to work on curriculum for their grade-level at their own pace and their own learning style (Innovation Plan). My goal is to create an environment where students feel empowered in their learning and are able to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. I will work with school administration and other teachers to create a school-wide cohesive plan for all classes to be able to use this plan in their curriculum.

Measuring Results

 I will be able to measure these results through weekly staff meetings where we will touch base about student attitudes, effectiveness in the classroom, and overall success school-wide. By focusing on teacher involvement, I will be able to create a more impactful change at my organization. Results will be measured in terms of teacher buy-in and involvement. Successful implementation will be all teachers using technology in the classroom to reinforce state standards.

Vital Behaviors

Consistency: All teachers integrate blended learning into their curriculum.

Implementation: By the end of 2022-2023, all classes will have a set blended learning curriculum as a model.

Permanence: Blended learning continues to be a pillar of the education model at Kuleana Education Academy

Organizational Influencers



Teachers will be influencers of change at my organization. By creating a curriculum based around blended learning, this will create a model for the school for years to come. Teachers will have to take the initiative to create long term and effective change. With consistent teacher buy-in, students and parents will follow.

Six Sources of Influence

Below are the ways that I will use the Six Sources of Influence to create meaningful change at my organization.


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