Innovation Proposal

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To: Kuleana Ohana

From: Avery Nihill

February 4, 2021

Dear Teachers and Administration,      

            It is no doubt that we work in a very special school. The family-style nature of our school and the project-based learning that we already encourage makes Kuleana Education successful and unique. I feel that with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought along, many things became clear. One of which being technology-based learning. While at first, this transition was a struggle for everyone, I feel that it opened up new opportunities for learning. Our school is successful in many other ways, but I feel that a blended learning style will make Kuleana Education stand out even more than it already does. 

            One of our biggest school foundations is to meet students where they are. Meet students at their current level and help build off of that. A blended-learning style classroom would perfectly match this belief. I propose to implement blended learning into math classes across the school. As math is often a subject where students struggle most, the blended learning and split classroom model will cater to students who are falling behind on a certain subject while at the same time not holding students who are ahead back. 

            This classroom model will use laptops 2-3 times per week where students are grouped together based on math ability which will be tracked through both classwork as well as computer work. Students will be able to work independently on laptops where other students will have one on one time with the teacher for supplementary instruction. A third group of students will be working on a tactile activity or a project to help reinforce topics learned. Students will be able to

progress at their own pace and be encouraged to take control of their own learning. online programs will allow students to continue practice at home if needed or can quickly move past a subject they already know well. It will also allow students to take control of their own learning and become empowered in the classroom. This will allow the teacher to challenge students of all abilities simultaneously. 

            I am asking for teachers to consider implementing this style into their own classrooms and for use of school computers multiple times a week. I am asking the administration for feedback and support on the effectiveness of the model. 


Avery Nihill

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