Innovation Outline

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Innovation Plan Implementation Outline

Blended Learning: Station Rotation Model 

Avery Nihill

  1. Phase 1: Introductions February 2021- Summer 2021
    1. Present ideas and reasoning to school administration, Felicity Johnson and Dana Kern. 
      1. Share written proposal, literature review, and promotional video. 
      2. Discuss with administration the benefits of blended learning, answer any questions, get on the same page with the administration about goals and outcomes. 
      3. Receive feedback/ feedforward and adjust plans accordingly.
        1. School currently has laptops, but they need updating.
        2. Consider grants available to the school, fundraising, or parent donations to update technology at school.
          1. Address these issues before moving forward.
        3. Apply for grants, try to make current technology work for innovation plan. 
  1. Phase 2: Planning- Summer 2021- July/August 2021
    1. Apply for grants, decide programs, design stations
      1. Plan for the first 3 months of school then adjust after the trial period
    2. Outline a budget and adjust the plan based on funding, grants, and fundraising availability. 
  1. Phase 3: Address Teachers- July 2021
    1. Show teachers research and proposal
      1. Literature review, video, timeline, and proposal
  1. Phase 4: Gain Student and Parent Interest- September 2021
    1. Address students to gain and interest for the coming school year. 
      1. Energetically explain with students, show them the programs that will be available to them, the stations, and establish a reward system for being on task and taking control of their learning (as they will be able to choose which station will best work for their needs).
    2. Send parent email explaining new classroom approach
      1. Answer parental questions
  2. Phase 5: Implementation- September 2021
    1. Begin first phases of implementing into the classroom, starting with 2nd and 3rd math classes. 
      1. “Test run” with these classes using the station rotation model 3 days a week for 2 months. 
      2. Meet with the administration to smooth over details and work out any kinks.
  1. Phase 6: Widespread Use- January 2022- August 2022
    1. Address any issues faced in 2-3 math classes and begin to launch the program in more classes multiple times a week or month depending on teacher buy-in. 
    2. Implement into math and science classes first, following the same steps adjusting issues as they arise. 
    3. Share information with teachers and begin to implement into other classes as well. 
  1. Phase 6: Sustaining a Blended Learning Model
    1. Continue to use and adjust blended learning station rotation model, adjusting based on curriculum, class, and grade level
    2. School becomes a technology forward and blended learning confident establishment. 
    3. Use as a marketing tool for more families to join the Kuleana Ohana, proud to be a forward-thinking school, preparing students for a technology-based world.
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