Concepts of Educational Technology

Creating a Growth Mindset

In our “Concepts of Educational Technology” course, we were tasked to learn about and explore the growth mindset plan. I have mentioned this plan a few other times on my site but if you’re new here, I will explain. The growth mindset is a differentiation between complacency and growing your knowledge for the better. It is about humbling yourself and being willing to become a student in all facets of life. The following follows my journey through learning the growth mindset model. Here you will find how I will apply the growth mindset plan to my own personal and professional life as well as steps on how to implement it into your own life.

Growth Mindset

My goal within my school is to implement a blended learning station rotation model that caters to all students learning type. My reasoning for this is so that no student ever feels like “school is not for them.” I want all students to feel capable of learning and that all starts with a growth mindset.

I hope with this presentation you find yourself better equipped to implement a growth mindset into your own life, whether that be at home or in your own classroom. You can also learn about my innovation plan here.

My Learning Manifesto

Above is my learning manifesto, a written declaration of my goals and passions in education. It is what I hope to accomplish with Digital Learning and Leading in my career in education. Thank you for giving your attention to my passion project.

Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning communities are crucial to creating a healthy professional career. Through the connections that I have made, I have expanded my thinking and grown as a person. You will be able to access the resources that I frequently use.

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