Capstone: Synthesis of ADL

Adrian Bradford

My magnum opus. This page and the following synthesize all that I have done in this course. Reflecting on and combining all that I have learned into one huge page on my e-Portfolio. Below you will see my thoughts and experiences in the ADL program and through this course specifically.

Journey Through ADL


In the video below, you will see my learning community and I reflecting on our time in the ADL program. I was so lucky to have worked with this amazing women this year. It is a bittersweet end to be graduating alongside them. As you know, I completed the ADL program from Hawai’i and I was lucky enough to be blessed with a group who was more than accommodating to that. I feel that through this podcast you can see the love and care that we have for one another. Please visit their pages and view all of their hard work at the following links.

More ADL reflections found here

Adrian Bradford

Here you will find my reflections on my journey, my proudest accomplishments, the highs and the lows, and everything in between. Thank you for joining me on this journey I am so grateful to everyone who helped me through and got me where I am now. On this page you will find everything there is to know about my journey through ADL along with what’s to come.

5302: Concepts of Educational Technology

In this course, we were challenged to “take ownership over the learning process and incorporate choice and voice in designing authentic projects that use technology innovation as a catalyst for change in your organizations.” To accomplish this, I had the opportunity to develop a growth mindset plan, a learning manifesto, and we got to learn about and understand our professional learning communities. This course allowed me to delve deeper into the key components and thought processes that would allow me to begin to create meaningful change within my organization.

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5303: Applying Educational Technology

In this course, we began to truly get familiar with our e-Portfolio. This is where I was able to create sort of a capsule of all my work during the entirety of the program and going forward. I was able to dedicate a lot of time toward my blog, get familiar with wordpress in general, add to my about me page, include contact information, and develop an inviting home page. This course allowed me to really set my e-Portfolio up for success by ensuring that all the foundations were done well.

Adrian Bradford

In this course, we were given the resources and opportunities necessary to learn what it truly takes to create meaningful change within an organization. We reflected on meaningful questions about reasons to create meaningful change. This lead to the development of my why. We also researched and became familiar with effective leadership tools that actually lead to creating change (reflected in my influencer strategy). All these lessons taught effective leadership through meaningful communication and committment to a goal.

5305: Disruptive Innovation in Technology

This course challenged me to design a plan that would create meaningful change within my organization. As a new teacher at a new school I was incredibly overwhelmed by this. I did not know if anyone would listen or what I could even have the power to change within my school. Despite all this, I ended up developing my innovation plan. My goal was to implement a blended learning station rotation model at my school. To start this mission, I began a whole lot of research that ended with a literature review to sum it all up. All of my work regarding my initial efforts with my innovation plan can be found here.

5313: Creating Significant Learning Environments

This was my favorite course that I got to take. We were able to look more deeply about what an effective classroom looks like to us through learning about significant learning environments. I was able to research different learning philosophies and see where I fall in. I developed my learning philosophy. I was also challenged to create a 3 column planning table for the first time, which I have since used a lot in my classroom.

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This was another one of my favorite classes because I was challenged to explore different forms of media that I was not familiar with before. I got to record my first podcast. I also got to begin researching and studying for a publication article. This course definitely pushed me far out of my comfort zone but I learned so much and did a lot of growing during this course.

5304: Leading Organizational Change

5315: Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

This course helped us learn to effectively assess if our innovation plans were making the impact that we hoped they would. We developed an action research plan and followed up with another literature review which can both be found here.

5318: Instructional Design Online Learning

Yet another one of my favorites (I know) but I loved everything about this course. I loved Dr. Bellard, and I loved designing my blended learning prototype. My prototype ended up being a google classroom that I tested the effectiveness of through google forms and a usability test with one of my students. I am also so proud of how my course page came out on my e-Portfolio. I loved the opportunity to include my co workers and my students into my studies. My 5318 page can be found on my e-Portfolio here.

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5389: Developing Effective Professional Learning

This course was incredibly challenging for me. As a new teacher who started during COVID, I have never had the opportunity to attend a professional development and in this course we were asked to design our own. I struggled a lot with these assignments but through much support from my learning group and my cohort, I was able to create my plan for alternative professional learning. I also connected a lot of my work from other courses to create one cohesive alternative learning page.

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Applied Digital Learning and Leading is much more than writing papers and turning in assignments. The ADL program is designed to completely be one of a kind for each individual taking it. In Applied Digital Learning and Leading, you don’t just learn what would be best you actually put it to use and see what it is like APPLIED to your situation.


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