Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction

This course was intended to help educators assess the instructional impact of their innovation plan creating a positive impact on the digital learning environment. To effectively accomplish this goal, multiple tasks were completed to ensure this goal was accomplished. Assignments completed were the following.

Action Research Plan Outline

Action research includes steps that allow the researcher to be fully immersed in their research and ensure that the research can be as inclusive and all encompassing as possible. The steps to action research include the planning stage, the acting stage, the developing stage, and the reflecting stage.

In my action research, which is currently in the planning/ acting stage, I have decided to research the benefits of technology within the classroom after graduation. While this study will be long term for my own students, I plan to reference precedents to gather more information. Details about the study are outlined in the pdf link above.

Since my students are very young, it will be hard to measure how technology use will impact them after graduation, so I will reference precedents and to measure the effectiveness of technology in my own classroom, I will measure grade level success by the end of the year. I will also offer pre assessments and post assessments at each unit to determine what measures were effective. The timeline for measuring my student’s success will be approximately one year. The timeline for gathering information from precedents will be about 6 months. The reason for this timeline is to give myself the time to gather an adequate amount of information to support or deny the claim that technology helps prepare students for life after graduation.

Developing stage and reflection stage will happen after 6 months when all necessary information has been gathered. Another reflection will occur at the end of this school year when my student’s complete their end of the year assessments.

Literature Review

Action Research Plan

An in-depth look at my action research plan can be found below.

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