Alternative Professional Learning

The Why

As a first year teacher who started teaching during COVID, I have personally never been to a professional development seminar. One thing I do have experience with is the AP Summer Institute Professional Development Program. I served as a lab assistant and was able to teach lab technique to Advanced Placement teachers for a week at Rice University. So my only experience in professional development is as the leader. During this time, I performed a lab and had model their own lab while I served to assist anyone who needed it. Many participants followed up throughout the year of how the labs went in their classrooms and tips on how to improve their work. This has been my only experience thusfar and in my opinion was very effective. I would love to see all professional developments move toward this hands on experience where participants are encouraged to follow up after. I hope with this video and with my experience as a professional development leader, I can breathe some life into what always seems to be such a bore to teachers. I hope as a fresh face in education, I can bring some fresh ideas and spread the knowledge that I am acquiring in the ADL program.

The What

Although my experience with professional development is very limited, in my video I emphasized the need for support after professional development has taken place. As a former APSI leader, I would encourage participants to feel empowered to reach out to professional development leaders and ask for the support that they are needing as they begin to use the skills they have learned. I am very proud of my video. I am used to power point but felt inspired by Nancy Duarte to try and go beyond my comfort zone and produce something a little more engaging.

The How

I created my video using Slidesgo templates in Google slides and then exporting all my information to iMovie. I then used stock footage from MixKit to make my video a little more interesting with some movement and color. I also used MixKit for the music that you hear in the background. I made my video after reviewing several videos from Nancy Duarte. I also reviewed the literature found below. I combined all that I have learned during this process into my one video so that whether I am a leader or participant in professional development in the future, it will be effective and will be implemented into the classroom.


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