Synthesis and Reflection

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As this course comes to a close, I have done a ton of reflecting on experience in the ADL program. I have grown so much and really changed what my thoughts on what an effective learning environment looks like. I have experienced so much discomfort and change this year. I am so proud of all that I have accomplished. The 5320 course has been an amazing way to reflect on all that I have done this year. It really has been such a bittersweet experience taking this course. It feels like the most emotional exit ticket. As I connect all of my learning and think of all the things I have been able to learn this year, I not only am having a surprisingly emotional time with it but I am able to really see how far I have come.

Even while I come to a close in this program, there is still so much work yet to be done. Even after a year of being in the program, it still ends up surprising me. For some reason I was shocked that the work keeps going even after graduation. I guess I learn the hard way every time huh. But I am excited to continue the efforts that I have dedicated the last year to.

I cannot believe that I actually made it here. Looking back at all the work that I have produced this whole year the growth is evident in what I have turned in. Initially, I was embarrassed to look back at the assignments that I turned in in January but then I realized the only reason those works are embarrassing now is because I have gotten so much better. I still am learning and discovering ways to better my e-Portfolio. I am so excited to be able to have this site as a reference for future jobs or opportunities where I can describe an instance where I had a meaningful impact on my community. I am excited to update my e-portfolio as I continue on in my professional career. While graduation is near, I know the work is not finished.

I am grateful to have had this opportunity and even more grateful to have had the opportunity to look back on every moment as a way to connect the dots. I am grateful to all the people in my learning community who supported me. Through all the group me messages and the recorded lectures, I feel like I have finally made it. Even though the work continues, for right now I hope you excuse me while I celebrate.


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