Assessing Digital Learning Reflection

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I found this course to be one of my most helpful so far. I was able to reflect on and improve work that I had felt like I didn’t get enough time to finish in the first place. I feel that my literature review is much stronger and I am excited to continue to work on it and continue to improve my work in this course. From a science perspective, the action research plan was a very interesting way to go about getting a task done. I loved that there was logical reasoning behind every step of the plan. Currently, I am working in the development part of an action research plan and will continue to work with and improve this plan in future courses. My group consisting of many incredible people to include: Robin Ballard, Lindsay Hoerig- Cavanagh, Lindsey Wallace, Danielle Pyle, and Michelle Richey was able to collaborate weekly through Zoom meetings (which they so kindly filled me in on over text due to the TX/HI time difference). We also communicated regularly through GroupMe and continue to give one another helpful and regular feedback. I am so lucky to have such an amazing group and have yet another course in the ADL program under my belt. I am so excited for what the coming courses have and finishing out this degree to the best of my ability.


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