Resources for Digital Environments Reflection

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As I complete another semester of digital learning, I feel that I continue to learn more than I ever expected. This semester asked probing questions that made me think more in depth about my innovation plan than I had before. I faced difficulties in the implementation of my plan than I had anticipated. Even expecting unforeseen complications, they were not the ones I had expected. I expected that I would have technical difficulties but I did not expect that I would change the scope of my innovation plan. I moved on from the “simple” task of adding technology to the curricula of my class to making sure that the technology that I am using is intentional and provides more than just the standard meant to be met in class that day. The goal of this course was to increase skills in digital collaboration and exposure to different outlets of media. In terms of if I have met this expectation, the answer is undoubtably. I listen to podcasts religiously but I never imagined that I would be recording my own. It was an incredible experience to be able to talk thoroughly about a project that I have spent so much time on. It also gave me much insight to all the work that goes into me being able to enjoy my weekly podcasts. It was an uncomfortable growing experience for me. Having the confidence to share my thoughts unfiltered and out loud was very difficult for me. It is even more uncomfortable putting that vulnerability out on the internet for my peers to see and listen.

My core peer group consisting of Robin Ballard, Danielle Pyle, Lindsay Hoerig- Cavanagh, Lindsey Wallace, Maria Rodman, and Michelle Richey as always have been a huge part of my success in this program. We collaborated through a GroupMe in which all members replied quickly and with valuable feedback regularly. The time difference between Hawaii and Texas proved to be a challenge for me from time to time in terms of keeping up with my group. Thankfully, my group consists of nothing but understanding and patient people. When possible, I always tried to respond with helpful feedback to them. They were able to give me tips on how to improve my publication and I was able to improve theirs as well I hope.

In terms of my publication, I am not quite happy with it’s content. I will be holding off on publishing my paper until I can add more information about the scope and success of my project. I want to find ways that will help teachers use technology in a way that prepares students beyond the classroom. I am still working on this undertaking myself so I am not yet happy with the content of my paper. I’d like to conduct further research so that I feel I am adding new information to the discussion of technology in classrooms.

In terms of my success in this course, I feel that this was one of my most successful classes in the Accelerated ADL program. I am getting to the point where I not only know how to put out more impressive work, but I also am learning quickly how to make my work look presentable. I met all course expectations and gave my best effort in class. I could have improved by contributing more to my learning community in terms of discussion posts and sharing my thoughts with my peers. I definitely improved on this aspect since my last course in the ADL program but I am not yet where I would like to be. I hope that next course, I will be an active member in every discussion post and I am able to gain even more from the course.


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