Developing Effective Professional Learning Reflection

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I had little to no expectations when I entered this course. That is not to say that I hadn’t read the syllabus or that I hadn’t thought about what was asked of me. It is just that I am a first year teacher who started in the midst of COVID. I have never attended a professional learning before. I had been a lab assistant and lead one before but it was work that was already designed for me and I simply explained the lab and checked in with participants. I also have no formal training in designing a lesson. I have said this before but a large part of the course I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants because I truly have no background in professional development or professional learning. Weirdly, I will attend my first one this week before school starts right as this course is wrapping up. This was one of the most challenging courses for me so far. I am very proud of my work and how I came out of the course. I learned so much and the challenge gave me a lot of insight. I was grateful for all the amazing feedback that I got after each assignment an I know now how I would do things differently. Thankfully we are offered the opportunity to revise our work. This is of great encouragement to me since we are focusing on learning and not focusing on the grade. I am so happy to have had the experience of planning a professional development and being able to get feedback from it. I would not have had that experience otherwise and I am very proud of all that I gained from it. As always the amazing women that I work with were incredible. They were always there to offer support and give advice on how to improve my work. I hope that I was able to offer them the same helpfulness that they gave me.


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