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Connection is the most crucial part to the human experience and it is the core of all that teaching is. I am very new to teaching and am still on the path to connect with other teachers and other organizations to better myself and others. The way that I have started my journey of connecting with other teachers has been mostly through Facebook. I join groups that seem like they will give me new perspective or new fun ideas for students. I also have been lucky enough to find a great group of supportive individuals through the ADL program. Even with a five hour time difference, these ladies are here for me day and night ready to help me out however they can. Below, you will find links that I have connected with and some that other teachers have shared with me as well.

Applied Digital Learning: Like I said, through the ADL program, I have connected with incredible people that I would not have been exposed to before. This program has tested me and helped me grow significantly.

Middle School Science Teachers: This group I have gone to many times, whether it is to ask about what to do with my rowdy seventh graders, or how should I frame this standard, this group of people is always very helpful and supportive. I also enjoy reading other people’s questions to find ideas I would not have had before.

Math Minded Teachers: This group is specifically for math teachers. As a person with a science background, I find that I struggle the most with making math fun. This group gives interesting ideas and also helps solve difficult problems if you ever get stuck.

Visual Math: Visual math is a fantastic resource and is the first group I joined. I find ideas for projects and art so that I am not just sticking to worksheets every day.

Technology in the Classroom: This I found to be especially helpful in my journey to change my classroom to a more technology based one. You can find support and tips for any technical difficulties.

Miss Kidd on TikTok: This may be a weird one, but I find so many great ideas on Miss Kidd’s TikTok page. I love watching her videos and getting ideas for test reviews, activities, and more for my younger students.


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