Disruptive Innovation: Wrap Up

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Course 5305, Disruptive Innovation was one of two of my first courses in my Masters Program at Lamar University. If you have been following along, you know that I took this course in tandem with 5303, ePortfolio. Disruptive Innovation was all about how to spark organizational change through our own ideas. We were tasked with the daunting assignment to come up with a proposal on how we could create change within our own organization. In my case, an elementary school. I proposed that my school begin a blended learning program where students follow a station rotation model in math and science courses. Through a lot of research, much of which is still ongoing, and a lot of support from my fellow students and administration I have finally come up with a plan on how to implement this at my school. Although it is no small task, through the words of Dr. H and the support of my learning community, I have been able to envision the future of learning at my school. My school has the unique approach of blending classes. This approach allows students to challenge one another while still offering a positive learning environment. Still, it comes with a few difficulties as a teacher. Even without blended classes, some students still need extra practice at times. A blended learning station rotation model will allow students to work at their own pace. This self paced learning is a huge value already at my school and this model will only serve that value more deeply. I face many challenges getting this project off the ground but I have some readings planned that will support my goals. One of which is The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals. The authors outline 4 simple steps to keep organizational initiatives alive. There are several other books I plan to read to support my innovation plan as well as my future courses. You can access those books here. Along with what seemed like endless research to better support my innovation plan, my work with my small learning community made a world of a difference. Danielle Pyle, Lindsay Hoerig- Cavanagh, Lindsay Wallace, Maria Rodman, Michelle Richey, Aliscia Drummond, and Robin Ballard were the amazing supportive women who gave me hope and support throughout the entire process. In our weekly meetings they gave me ideas when I felt lost. In our GroupMe, they regularly sent tips and reminders, as well as words of encouragement. These women are the reason that I have successfully made it to the end of these two rigorous courses. As a new teacher, their more experienced point of view was a great help. I knew that I would learn a lot in these courses but I have gained more than I ever imagined. I look forward to contiued learning and growth. I hope that you continue along on this Journey of Learning. You can view my innovation plan here.


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