History Repeats Itself…Even in Education

The linked video is an ad for “progressive education” in the 1940s. It was the same schpeal that teachers have heard over and over again. I remembered a quote that my history teacher told me when he was explaining why it is important to know what history is in the first place. He said, “if we don’t learn history, it is bound to repeat itself.” Without educating ourselves about the history of education, we have been doomed to repeat it over many years. Apparently, since the 1940s and probably even before that, teachers have been inspired to revolutionize the way we teach and the way students are taught. I feel like progressive education has been a conversation going on for many years. It is very frustrating that inspired and dedicated teachers are limited to teach the way that state guidelines enforce. 
I am not without hope though, at first when the video talked about aiming to teach through experience rather than memorization, I felt it was a reflection of how I was taught. After further thought though, I realized this wasn’t entirely true. I thought back to amazing teachers that I had who would set up elaborate lab experiments, station learning, and case studies. I doubt that this was the case in the 1940s. While we may be resistant to change in some ways, and change is a slow and messy process, I can recognize the change that has been done. I hope we are not all feeling hopeless as countless teachers before us have tried to improve learning in their classroom, it is not all awash. I believe that just one teacher can make a difference for even one student. I feel like this is what Dr. H mentions all the time, changing the world by one learner at a time. Individual teachers make this difference. 
I know that state standards can be frustrating and that it is somewhat of a necessary evil, but I truly do believe it is the creative teachers, like everyone in this class, that finds a way to teach in an energized way will be who makes the difference and makes the education system impactful. 


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