Innovation Plan

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My innovation plan is a way that I hope to better my school and my students’ learning. I hope to implement my plans by 2022. To give you an introduction, I teach at a small school in Hawaii. I teach math and science and my classes are blended grades to encourage higher-level thinking among students. With that though, comes many challenges equal to its benefits. In order to face those challenges head-on, I hope to implement a blended learning station rotation model into my classroom and eventually, the entire school. A blended learning model combines both traditional instructor-based education with technological student-based learning. In my case, station rotation will include small groups rotating between 3 stations: computer-based learning, instructor-led learning, and some sort of art, tactile, or worksheet-based station. This method will cater to students of all different types of learning. It will also help me address the challenge of having two different grades per class, and therefore having two different standards to meet. My school has a motto of meeting students where they are in their own learning. This model will help me rise to that statement and better serve my students. You can learn more deeply about my innovation plan under projects.


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