Ready to Innovate

Both videos offered a new challenge to teachers. As much as I try to prepare my students for the real world and not only teach them curriculum but also how to become self-motivated learners, I realize I may not be doing all that I can. In the second video, she prefaced by saying “I am going to toy with your emotions a little bit.” She definitely delivered on that promise. At the end of her talk, I do feel more inspired and motivated to create a change in my classroom and at my school. At the same time, I feel overwhelmed. I feel that I myself am still learning how to innovate and how to do all the things that they talked about so how can I teach the next generation of innovators? After a moment of thought, I realized I may not necessarily have to teach innovation and may not have to teach students how to learn on their own. I am inspired by my students’ natural curiosity and creativity that I may just need to embrace and encourage that. I wonder if anyone can relate or if I completely missed the mark on this one? 

One of the requirements for creating organizational change was being committed to the cause. Schools and teachers need to be fully committed to changing the way that education is done and encouraging learning over education. In theory, everyone would agree that “yes this is a great idea let’s do it,” but in reality, it is not a simple task. This type of foundational change is just that, foundational. Starting at the root of education and changing the way that the classroom functions is no small order. Sometimes I can get myself into projects that end up being much larger than I had originally intended (isn’t that how it always goes J). I feel this may be one of those times, but I feel up to the task. I have such a unique school and unique opportunity to really begin ripples of change. I have the support of my school and the support of everyone here. We all may need some encouragement sometimes but I think we are all up for the challenge. 

My proposal is all about blended learning. I feel I really resonated with the second video because it both encouraged and scared me. It gave me new ideas to implement into my proposal.


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