Reframing My Mindset

I was unaware of what an e-portfolio was before beginning my journey through Applied Digital Learning. I felt overwhelmed by the idea and wasn’t sure if it would benefit me. After doing outside research, I was able to reframe my mindset and see it as an opportunity to invest in myself and my career. By giving myself space to record all of my accomplishments, projects, and goals as a teacher. At the same time, I feel an e-portfolio itself is an accomplishment. I feel lucky to be able to start out my career and my masters at the same time so I am able to keep a personal timeline and grow along with my own ePortfolio.

I am nervous, yet excited to begin the journey of my teaching career as well as my e-portfolio. As I am a new teacher, it is the perfect time to begin an e-portfolio so I can continuously add to it for years to come. 


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